Stadium View Student Living

Alyssa M.
Clean and cozy apartments wih amazing amenities. Pool view apartment is so convenient and allows me to wake up and roll out of bed and hit the pool.
Torianna P.
Stadium View does great to accommodate your needs and wants. They have such a friendly staff. Everything gets done in a timely manner. Great place to live!
Isaac M.
I am staying in Stadium view for a second year because i like it so much. Great place to live and the best in Jonesboro by far. Look forward to living there again.
Brendan Y.
Move in was really easy. The staff was able to help me get my keys, show me my building, tell me how everything worked all in a matter of 10-15 minutes! Great people!
Adrianna S.
Best place to live 2018. Pool is my favorite place, I love the tanning bed, I love the location, and the community is one of the best around.
Hannah C.
Very fun place to live! The gym and pool are really nice and the dog park is good to let your pupper get some energy out! The staff is very nice, especially to my dog 🙂
Hannah Rae V.
I love it here! The staff is friendly and fun. I love the pool. And i love our apartment. I like how it’s close to campus. This is one of the best places in Jonesboro
Morgan J.
I love it! I’ve never had any problems living here. If I ever need something fixed, maintenance is here the next day. I would recommend living here to a friend
Luci B.
New, Clean, Beautiful! I love the apartments even though I have yet to move in to them! However, I have toured them more than once, loving them more each time I visit.
Nakita B.
This is this best place to live to Jonesboro. Staff Is Soo Helpful & Understanding To Your needs , if you ever wanted to be treated important & fairly as a tenant then Stadium View Is For You
Anna D.
Roommate matching is perfect, amenities are beautiful, staff is friendly, neighborhood is great, environment is fun! Thanks for everything you do for us residents!
Chandler S.
luxury apartments with an amazing staff that is always helpful to residents. The gym was so nice that I cancelled my gym membership and the study rooms were useful for my academics.
Aaron P.
My apt is the shit. Y'all really nailed it. Much love y'all. Appreciate the modern design, and appliances, also love the amenities and view for sure.
Kristen H.
I have friend that live in Stadium View who absolutely love it and I will be living here next year. I am very excited! All the amenities (gym, pool, study centers) is a huge plus.
Nellie H.
Nice rooms friendly staff they are always on top of everything.. Always helping when needed the front office staff o s amazing very friendly and helpful with any qurstions I may have
Samantha G.
Very nice place to live! I love the atmosphere of living here and how all my friends live within 200 feet from me. It is really convenient because if you ever need anything, more than likely you have a friend that is nst
McKenzie R.
I have not yet to Iive in the apartment but I have stayed at friends many times and am so excited to move in, in the fall. Ready to use all the facilities provided and to really start living in my own place!
Keely J.
I really enjoy these apartments and how nice they are! I am very excited to stay there. I really like that they are involving utitities with pool use.
Mercedes T.
I have yet to actually start living at stadium view but I couldn’t be more excited! I have never met such friendly people! This is going to be a awesome experience!
Jakub B.
Our apartment is very nice, but it is a little bit hard to keep your privacy because people can hear everything inside the room, even if he door is closed. Otherwise, furniture and the whole set up is very well done.
Kaylee B.
I love living here at Stadium View. Great staff. Great amenities. All around great community. My neighbors are pretty much all people I know so there are no strangers. 10/10 would recommend.
Carl C.
The apartments are really nice especially for the price. Having a gym located right down stairs is great for after late night studies and late shifts at work
Sunbir G.
Great value and location. The knee extension machine is still broken and has been for the last 6 months. Pool, courts, and friendly staff. Definitely recommend.
Braylon G.
i love staying here. it is very nice and the staff treats you with respect and they are very polite. The pool area and the gym are also nice as well.
Nidhi G.
The apartments are great, with everything being brand new and all! The main problem seems to be the dumpsters being inconveniently located and occasional difficulty finding parking. But aside from that, a great living experience!