Stadium View Student Living

Mariah R.
I have only lived here for a short period of time, but this place is so accommodating. There are constantly events going on at the clubhouse and there are tons of people to hang out with ALWAYS
Tristan P.
Stadium View is a clean, gated community that provides excellent service to residents, and provides a number of extremely nice amenities. The study rooms are my favorite and the new Starbucks machine is really cool!
Katelyn H.
I just moved in to Stadium View and I love it!! The atmosphere is great and I feel very safe with gates. There is always fun things to do. I glad I made the decision to move here
Ana B.
Very nice community, people who work here is very friendly. I really like to have the opportunity to live here since it’s super close to the university and to have the gym and the pool
Thalia L.
It is an amazing experience. The staff was very helpful and made it an easy lease signing process. The apartment complex is beautiful and cozy.
Trase B.
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Bailey A.
I have loved living here this past year, and hope to renew pretty soon! Can not wait to see what stadium view will do for me next year in JB!
Analle C.
Living in Stadium View is a blessing. I use to live on campus and since I moved here I feel like I have a lot more freedom. I really like the club house, it is a great place to study, exercise or meet your friends.
Charles W.
Everyone is so friendly and the apartment community has a very safe feel to it. I have really enjoyed living at Stadium View this year. I've made a lot of use of the gym and equipment as well as the computers and study rooms
Tobiuse R.
I Love stadium view it will be my home forever! And it has great Be if it’s for anyone who need a home. And thanks for allowing me to be apart of the crew
Blaire W.
You aren’t living the college experience if you aren’t living at Stadium View! Living here has allowed me to meet new people all while enjoying college life!
Sean B.
Very nice amenities and staff. The apartments themselves are comfortable and have a nicr layout. Takes too long to get things fixed at times though.
Jordan W.
Everyone is so friendly and the apartment community has a very safe feel to it. I have really enjoyed living at Stadium View this year. I've made a lot of use of the gym and equipment as well as the computers and study rooms
Kendall M.
It Is very quiet and nice. There are a few problems with the housing areas. The office workers are very nice and efficiently fast at get packages.
Nakita B.
Since Being Here I Have Not Had Any Problems From The Staff Or Neighborhood . Everything Being Online Makes It Easy Living & Thats Makes All The Difference Whrn Yu Need Extra Hours In The Day Like Myself Lol .
Savanah A.
The place is great and so convenient for not only school, but also modern day living. I love the set-up and all you get along with your rent pay. I love it!
Carley S.
It's been amazing. I don't live there yet but the amenities seem lavish and absolutely wonderful. I believe living in these beautiful, astounding apartments will enhance my college experience.
Julie P.
I like these apartments a lot, they are very nice and there are a lot of amenities that I like. The staff and the maintenance have all been very friendly and helpful and I enjoy living here.
Morgan J.
I have had 0 problems here so far. I have had no problems with wifi and/or parking. my only complaint is the water pressure with my tub. it’s fine if i shower, but other wise it takes forever.
Ahmed D.
SV is one of the most important place in Jonesboro, The living at SV is very comfortable based on my experience. Also the facilities are very good. I love SV and I love to live there
Meenhaj K.
It's been a good experience overall. There were some rough patches initially but after the first two months or so and everyone has settled in it's been a good experience living here
Maria B.
Great distance from campus. Conveinoent if I am trying to get somewhere fast. Love my own space in the apartment and all of the amenities that are included.
Brittany V.
Yall have been amazing in helping me out of a situation that i was not safe in. You guys have been more helpful then i would have ever expected and i cant thank you enough!!!!!
Brooke B.
My apartment is very updated and very clean. The area is very safe area, but the gates are always open so I don’t fell as safe. My neighbors are always throwing parties so that’s annoying
Aakash P.
the apartment has many nice qualities but could be improved in a couple ways. i am never sure if my package has been recieved unless i go physically check and i do not like how the pool closed so early without notice. I do like the overall community